Pandora Commercial 2016 – The Next Song Matters

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Pandora Commercial 2016

Pandora Commercial 2016

The latest Pandora’s ad brings in several persons talking about the power of music in their life.
The first part of the 60-second video collects the confessions of those persons, apparently so different, yet so alike.
“I feel like it’s a power source, you know”.
“I feel very…almost short of breath in a good way”.
“I was just…”.
“Feeling like an electric shock going through my body and it wakes me up”.
“It takes me back to a point of my life where I had no worries”.
“Like I’m not the only one”.
“La-la-la..and it’s more like a flow”.
“All the way to my brain. It just explodes and it’s like…”
“When it ends it’s like…pffuuuu (long breathing) and I feel better now”.
The next scene shows those persons listening to a song with headcuffs and feeling the music.
“Tell me how this song makes you feel”, asks the reporter.

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