iPhone 6s Commercial – Fingerprint

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iPhone 6s Commercial - Fingerprint

iPhone 6s Commercial – Fingerprint

Title: iPhone 6s – Fingerprint

HP: “With Touch ID on iPhone 6s, your fingerprint does way more than just unlock your phone”.


This is a fingerprint. And with Touch ID, it does way more than unlock your phone.
It logs you into things, like your bank account.
See what I mean?
It checks you into your flight.
(Buzzer) Ooop, your phone!
It pays for stuff like..
Man: Donuts.
How about chew, then talk?
It unlocks things for you. It signs documents for you.
Hey, you bought a boat!
Buyer: I bought a boat!
I just said that.
And it does this.
(Engine starts) Yeah, it starts your car.
So now we’re just starting cars with our fingerprints.
Just.. whoa.

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