GoDaddy Commercial 2016 – Cats With Hats

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GoDaddy Commercial 2016 - Cats With Hats

GoDaddy Commercial – Cats With Hats

Title: Cats With Hats – Go You GoDaddy

HP: “Johanna has a passion for making hats for cats. GoDaddy helped her turn her crazy idea into a crazy successful business. It doesn’t matter how crazy your idea might be, if you think you can, we know you can. Go You”.

Years ago, I was starring in a one-woman show about a cat allergic to other cats.
Opening slash closing night, it hit me… hats for cats. Everyone said I was crazy.
When I went online, I got my domain,, from GoDaddy.
Now these things are fee-lyin out of here.
Got a crazy idea you think you can turn into a success?
We know you can, and we’ve got a domain for you.
Go You. Go Daddy.

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