Diet Dr Pepper Commercial 2016 – Lil’ Sweet – Neighbor

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Diet Dr Pepper Commercial 2016

Diet Dr Pepper Commercial 2016

The “Lil’ Sweet Neigbour” commercial for Diet Dr. Pepper shows two neighbour women that are gardening.
“And this is why I learned to train oppossums”, says one of them, finishing a story, and then turns and leaves.
That moment, Justin Guarini gets out from a bush as Lil’ Sweet and starts singing:
“Lil Sweet coming out the bushes”. “For listening to Dana drone on, you deserve the sweet treat of the Diet Dr Pepper”, he
says handing over to the other woman a can of Diet Dr Pepper.
The woman takes a sip and then says “Hm, that is sweet”.
“How sweet?”, asks Lil’ Sweet.
“I don’t know”.
Her husband comes at the doorstep and asks:
“Honey, who are you talking to?”
“No one”, she answers a little bit nervously, making signs to Lil’ Sweet to shut up.
“He didn’t listen to Dana, you did”, says Lil’ Sweet from the bush.
“I can see you talking to a little man”, says her husband.
“Ok, it’s Little Sweet”, answers back the woman.
“Hey, man”, greets Lil’ Sweet.
Diet Dr Pepper. It’s the Sweet One.

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