Border Biscuitiers TV Advert Song 2016 – Border Biscuits

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Border Biscuitiers TV Advert 2016

Border Biscuitiers TV Advert 2016

The latest advert for Border Biscuits, created by the Guy&Co creative agency, shows the home of Border Biscuitiers and how the delicious Border biscuits are made.
The 33-second ad starts with the members of Border family (Lego toys) carrying the necessary ingredients (ginger, flour, honey, eggs, chocolate) for the biscuits, then checking them in the oven and pouring melted chocolate over the biscuits. The narrator says: “Welcome to the home of Border biscuits. For over 30 years, this family of biscuitiers has been passionately working together to create delicious biscuits”. “They will love what they do and love what they make so much so no surprise any biscuit makes out of the factory at all”, adds the narrator. The commercial continues with a scene where the family members eat all the biscuits during a tea break because they cannot help it given the fact that they’re so good.
Border Biscuitiers Bake Better Biscuits.

Song: Fruity Flute/Farmhouse Kitchen by Reg Wale

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