Barbasol and Pure Silk Commercial 2016 – Martin and Gerina Piller

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Barbasol and Pure Silk Commercial

Barbasol and Pure Silk Commercial

The latest commercial for Barbasol and Pure Silk features Martin and Gerina Piller, a couple of professional golfers, talking about their everyday life.
“We are married and, as professional golfers, we’re very competitive”, says Gerina.
“But only on the golf course”, specifies her husband.
“We just turn it off”, says Gerina, adding that there’s “no competing at home”.
However, all the scenes from their everyday life show that they actually compete in everything, from how much one can hold his breath under water, to a chess match, to how fast one can chop the vegetables, to handcraft, video games and ping-pong matches.
“That’s our rule”, adds Martin.
The ad ends with the narrator saying the campaign slogan: “Pure Silk and Barbasol – proud sponsors of professional golf and friendly competition everywhere”.

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