Volvic TV Advert 2016 – Awaken Your Volcano

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Volvic TV Advert 2016

Volvic TV Advert 2016

The latest Volvic UK ad, launched on March 1, has the slogan “Awaken Your Volcano”.
The 1-minute ad is centered on a young boy who prepares to take a goalkick during a football match. Before the match, his “companion” is a bottle of Volvic. The images from the field alternate with images of an erupting volcano and of a thundering sky.
The voice in the background says: “You finally go on me. I’ve been waiting for you. Let me guide you. I’m burning. And we’re out. And the first step. Nothing can stop us. I am your volcano”.
The ad ends with the team celebrating the boy’s goalkick.
Volvic – Awaken your volcano.

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