Lane Bryant Commercial 2016 – This Body

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Lane Bryant Commercial

Lane Bryant Commercial

#ThisBody campaign, initiated by the clothing company Lane Bryant, features a series of plus-size models wearing various outfits or nothing at all.
The 30-second commercial focuses on celebrating the body diversity and on the idea that all women are beautiful. The models express their thoughts about their body, asnwering the question “What’s your body made for?”.
“This body isn’t made for proving them wrong. It’s made for being bold, powerful and sexy. This body is made for love. This body is made for rocking denim. This body is made for style. It’s made for living. It’s made for getting it done. It’s made for breaking the mold. It’s made for starting a revolution”, the women say.
What’s your body made for? is the question at the end of the ad.

Featuring Ashley Graham, Precious Lee, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot and Georgia Pratt.

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