FedEx Commercial 2016 – Bed & Breakfast

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FedEx Commercial

FedEx Commercial

FedEx latest commercial spreads the message that there are lots of ways for your small business to save money. The 31-second ad starts with a young entrepreneur talking to his two colleagues.
You, guys, finish the reports and I’ll get the promo materials. Questions?
I got a question. Where is my omelette?, asks an elder man, dressed in summer clothes, laying back in an armchair, with a coffee in his hands, in the living room.
Coming right up, Mr. Kingsley, answers the young man promptly.
Who is he?, comes the question of one of the work colleagues.
Until our start-up gets on its feet, money is a little bit tight, so I opened an online bed&breakfast.
This was supposed to be muffled. This is stone, complains Mr. Kingsley.
Ok, Mr. Kingsley.
Or we could just use FedEx ground shipping. They’re fast and it could save us money – is the idea of the girl working for the start-up.
Ya, let’s do that.
Also, I need more towels, Mr. Kingsley continues to complain. Also the toilet is busted. Also those two things are related.
Fast affordable FedEx ground shipping.

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