Wallapop Commercial 2016 – It’s time to Wallapop the Stroller

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Wallapop Stroller Commercial

Wallapop Stroller Commercial

Wallapop is a free app that you can use for buying and selling stuff. The commercial shows a stroller “abandoned” in a corner of the living room because the children grew up.
Two toys from the stroller are saying: “My, oh my, they’ve gotten so big, so they won’t need us anymore. In no time, they’ll be dating. You know, parties, dates, concerts, ripped jeans, off to college. Gone, forever.”
The mother, who stayed in the living room all this time, with a friend, took a picture of the stroller and said to her husband: “Honey, it’s time to wallapop the stroller”.
“Whaat? What did I say?”, asks the stroller surprised.
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Wallapop. If you don’t use it, Wallapop it!

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