Priceline Commercial 2016 – David Robinson And Latrell Sprewell

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Priceline Commercial

Priceline Commercial

Priceline used two former American professional basketball players for this ad, which starts with a voice in the background saying: “Taking your daughter to a game in San Antonio could be a special trip, but hotels could be expensive. If you visit priceline, get a great deal and go”.
The first star to appear in the commercial is David Robinson. “And remember, little girl: the key to success is hard work and great attitude”, he says after giving her an autograph.
“And that’s life advice from David Robinson”, her dad adds at the end.
The next scene is in a fast-food. At one table, there is the little girl and her dad, and at a nearby table Latrell Sprewell, another former professional basketball player, that talks about success: “Success is just failure that hasn’t happened yet”, he says.
“And that’s life advice from Latrell Sprewell”, says the little girl’s dad with a crestfallen face.
Lessons are on the line
Whatever’s on the line

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