Nike x Foot Locker feat. Kyrie Irving – The Commercial

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Nike x Foot Locker feat. Kyrie Irving

Nike x Foot Locker feat. Kyrie Irving

The commercial starts with Kyrie Irving, the American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association, sitting on a chair, in a meeting room, listening to a man’s presentation.
“So, Kyrie, while you are on demand, we had to make a commercial, but don’t worry”, starts the man in suit. “We studied your game and we’ve found someone who really matches your skills”.
At that point, on the screen rules out a video of a plump bespectacled guy wearing the same Nike equipment that Irving wears, who introduces himself as Kyrie Irving. “I am Kyrie Irving. I have speed from every angle, my handles cannot be handled, I ascend, swish”, a male voice says while the guy (actor) is seen nudging the other players on the court and finally scoring. The commercial ends with Nike’s slogan, “Bring your game”.
“What do you think?”, asks the man in suit, willing to see Irving’s reaction.
Irving face says more than 1000 words, though.

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