Grubhub Commercial 2016 – Winner Picks Lunch

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Grubhub Commercial

Grubhub Commercial

A guy who plays ping-pong with his girlfriend lists some of their lunch options, on the principle that the winner picks lunch.
Pizza – is his first option.
I had yesterday, comes his friend’s answer.
Baba Ganoush.
Baba Ganot.
His list continues with barbecue, Vietnamese, empanada, waffles and tandoori, but every time he gets “no” for an answer.
After all these “nos”, he sees that the girl is now using her smarthphone.
What are you doing?, he asks curiously.
Using Grubhub to order my signature sandwich, is her prompt reply.
In the end, the guy loses the game, so he can’t pick lunch anymore.
Grubhub is a website and also an app that you can use to get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, anytime, anywhere.

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