GEICO Commercial 2016 – Elevator

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GEICO Commercial 2016 - Elevator

GEICO Commercial 2016 – Elevator

Title: GEICO – Going Up

HP: “Not all buttons on an elevator are meant to be pressed”.


I switched to GEICO and saved a bunch of money on car insurance.
That sounds great.
Yeah, they even helped me save on renters insurance too.
Wow, renters insurance.
Huh, I wonder what this does.
I was like “I want chow lo mein chelow main not chicken soup”.
I started taking voice lessons.
That’s great.
My voice teacher said I’m going to be a star.
And how am I supposed to tell her they’re all, you know, totally hideous?
You can’t.
Exactly, she’s my mom.
Next time, let’s take the stairs.

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