Flora TV Advert – Powered by Plants

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Flora TV Advert 2016

Flora TV Advert 2016

Title: Flora – Powered by Plants

An boy dressed up in a dinosaur costume enters the kitchen.
“Kids, dinner is ready”, mum says, placing on the table a bowl of peas, broccoli and carrots near the stake.
“Mum, dinosaurs only eat”, says the kid.
“Actually, the biggest dinosaurs only eat plants and Flora is made with plants”, his mother replies after putting a spoon of Flora on the vegetables. “It’s also free from artificial colors and flavours”, she adds patiently.
“Mum, is 70% lower in saturated fat than butter”, the older sister says after reading the info on the pack.
At this point, on the wall they see the shadow of a dinosaur getting closer and closer, which turns out to be their dog, that takes a dinosaur toy in his mouth.
The entire family starts laughing out loud.

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