MileIQ Clowns Commercial

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MileIQ Clowns Commercial

MileIQ Clowns Commercial

MileIQ – Handle Your Business. We’ll Handle the Miles


Everybody drives. But for some others it’s part of the job.
– Alright, let’s go, the clowns say getting in a car after a robbery.
– Relax, we’re tracking every mile, says the driver, who seems to be a sort of taxi driver.
– What? asks one of the clowns.
– You know, for taxes, expenses, answers the driver.
– What is he talking about, man? asks one clown to the other, confused.
– MileIQ, it’s an app that tracks the miles you drive for work, you see. You write them off, you get yout money.
– What is happening? asks again frightened one of the clowns, as they don’t understand what the driver is talking about.
– Technology, MileIQ automatically logs every drive. And all those miles make a stack of cash, continues the driver.
– You know, my cousin’s a contractor. He can make a killing with this thing. I’m just saying.
– Sure, contractors, sales reps, clowns, MileIQ takes the hassle out of tracking miles at you. And you can focus on your business, whatever that might be.
MileIQ, handle your business, we’re handling the miles.

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