Lenor TV Advert – Marvellous Scarf

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Lenor TV Advert

Lenor TV Advert

HP: “A loving ode to a scarf. Care and love for everyone’s favourite accessory, whatever the season. Oh marvellous scarf”.

Oh marvelous scarf, are you more than just a scarf? Yes, you fashionista! A style icon for all seasons. The flamboyant eccentric auntie of the necktie. We love your artful irreverence. When we choose to accessorize you are our one stop shop. You keep the wind from our windpipes. And shroud our faces in mystery. You are the splash of colour that saves our necks.
The necklace that cares how we feel. The once around, the twice around, The Parisian knot, the fake knot. The chest warmer and the quick toss. The bunny ears, the waterfall, the fancy Dan. You are prêt-à-porter in a hundred different ways. Fashion or function? With a gallic shrug on our shoulders you effortlessly take on both. Creating thrills and hiding them you’ve long stood for rank and prestige, But even the humblest of snowmen would not be seen without you. Who can deny the zing you bring, of dashing distinction, of style and substance. You are the giant that stands on our shoulders. You are the tinsel that tickles our tonsils. You will truly never walk alone. Because you are all of this and so much more. You deserve a little Lenor.

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